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Mixerama - Amazon vegetables 1 kilo

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Do you have a question about this product?

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The variety of vegetables is designed for house amazons, who are expected to maintain weight. Since Amazons unfortunately tend to become overweight very quickly, we have created a mix that contains a very high proportion of vegetables. Fruits and berries have been deliberately avoided. These can be served separately as fresh food.

The Amazon Vegetable contains 40% starchy seeds, 32% vegetables and 28% high quality oil seeds. When overweight, seeds containing oil are often permanently banned from the feeding plan. However, this can lead to deficiency symptoms, as oilseeds contain essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Due to our variety of vegetables, we have resorted to seeds with small grains and superfood potential. These include, for example, hemp seeds, which have a very good ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, basil seeds with vitamins E, B6 and K, as well as various minerals such as zinc and iron or carrot seeds, which contain many unsaturated, healthy fatty acids. We avoided fattening foods with large grains, such as sunflower seeds.

For an energy-restricted diet, not only the composition of the feed is decisive, but also the amount offered and the amount of exercise available. In amazons, dry food mixes form a nutritional basis that must be supplemented with fresh food. All-day movement and opportunities for escape outside the cage are absolutely essential.

Cardi, red beet, carrot, canary seed, wheat, oats, buckwheat, rosehip seeds, barley (peeled), paddy rice, silver millet, platah millet, milo, chia seed, quinoa, tomato flakes, pumpkin seeds (peeled), dari, hemp seed, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, flaxseed, niger seed, perilla, rapeseed, manna millet, chili peppers, parsnips, parsley root, zucchini, Jerusalem artichoke slices, broccoli, cucumber slices, milk thistle seeds, adzuki beans, mung beans, basil seeds, carrot seeds, celery seeds, spinach sticks.

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