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Mixerama - Small Parakeets herbs 1 kilo

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Do you have a question about this product?

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Variety of Herbs for Parakeets is a high quality staple food with a variety of beneficial herbs and healthy herbal seeds. The mixture is also suitable for a gentle feed change from conventional millet mixtures to species-specific feeds with a high proportion of grass seeds, herbs and flowers. The mixture contains 54% starchy seeds, 19% grass seeds, 17.5% oil seeds, 8.3% herbs and 1.2% flowers.

The basis of the mixture is formed by floury seeds, which make the conversion easier for budgerigars and provide them with the usual types of millet and popular canary seeds. The high proportion of grass seeds takes parakeets a long time when kept at home without consuming too many calories. Grass seeds are part of the natural food supply of wild budgerigars.

High quality, small oilseeds supplement the feed. The focus here is on seeds with important amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Herbs and flowers round out the main diet. The variety of herbs is therefore a versatile feed mix for anyone who wants to know that their parakeets are well cared for.

Grass seeds, plata millet, red millet, manna millet, silver millet, Japanese millet, Senegal millet, spinach seeds, canary seeds, carrot seeds, fennel seeds, Delicha, Pagima Green, niger seeds, knotweed, nettle seeds, basil seeds, nettle leaves, oregano, marjoram leaf, oregano, marjoram leaf, oregano, marjoram leaf, Parsley seed, caraway seed, dill seed, chia seed, anise, rosemary, dandelion, sunflower blossoms.

Nutritional advice
2-3 teaspoons per day per bird. Supplement regularly with fresh food and minerals.

Our tip
Check the weight of your birds regularly and adjust the daily feed quantity accordingly. It is also advisable to have an annual health check by an avian veterinarian. Also remember to provide fresh water (several times) a day!

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